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Our Garage Grids are another great organising system.

Made from welded steel that has a baked on powder coat finish that not only looks good but will last for years to come.

Not as flexible as our Tidywall system,

but offers you a great way to attach and un - attach any of our hundreds of accessories.

These grids are cost effective and can be worked into even the most stringent budgets.

You can adjust your gear up and down or right and left where ever you have a grid installed.


Our Tidywall panels are the answer to almost every storage dilemma.

Slatwall systems have been around for years in the retail markets. The greatest benefit being that once installed it allows the shop owners to neatly display their product in an organised way that is pleasing to look at, the downside to that is the slatwall panels couldn't handle heavy weight loads, could not be in contact with water, and started looking shabby after only a couple of years use.

Tidywall panels are the new breed of Slatwall.
Designed especially for the vigorous workout a garage environment can throw at it.
Made from extruded foam PVC that is totally waterproof, super strong, good looking and super easy to install by just one person.
They clean up with just a damp cloth and will last a lifetime. We give a 15 year guarantee against fading, cracking or breaking if installed in accordance with our user installation guide.


GARAGE WALL STORAGE can easily be achieved using either our Tidywall panels or Garage Grid storage systems.

Both of these systems will give you total flexibility instantly, once they are installed.

The benefits of these two systems is that once installed you will never have to put another screw or nail into your wall to hang items.

If and when you do decide to re-organise it is during this time you realise the true benefit of these systems.

Everything just clips on and off either system, giving you years and years of organising fun.

With these systems, organising becomes fun for the whole family.

The most common compliment we hear from our clients is;
"We are actually using our gear again now that it is displayed safely on our walls."

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