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With our tidywall panels and trim pieces you can make even the most cumbersome areas of your garage look good.

Tidywall panels allow you to organise according to your lifestyle.

A place for the kids toys, or a place for the adults toys.

Tidywall gives you choices.

A small wall of tidywall can still accomplish a lot.

This home owner had all their walls wrapped in tidywall and as you can see, has utilised their garage to be a functional workhorse for all their gear.

In door clothes lines are very popular and can be attached to tidywall with ease, for any rainy day drying needs.

This home was an old Queenslander on stilts with a total open area below.

With a few new walls and tidywall panels we gave them another liveable area in their house.

Tidywall is strong and can handle any weight loads you may want to throw at it.

This garage looks great organised the way it is,

and with our Tidywall panels it can be re-organised a hundred different ways to suit whatever changes occur in your life.

This small room,

once considered a wasted space,

now has a purpose as a highly versatile storage room with a few tidywall panels.

Now it is the owners favourite storage room.

Everything that you see on the walls here was once laying on the clients floor.

Now its off the floor and out of harms way and easily accessible when needed.

A nice polar white wall of panels going from floor to ceiling,

this wall will never have to be painted and will look just as good in 10 years time as it does today.

If you have kids you need tidywall.

Protect the investment you made in their gear

and store it safely away.

Shelving up high.

Long hang stuff below allows all the cars to fit into the garage.

A nice clean brand new wall of tidywall panels ready to be organised.. or not.

Tidywall looks great on its own merits.

Do you want storage outside?

That's no problem.

Our tidywall panels are

completely water proof,

mold resistant,

UV protected and

can go anywhere you want

outside in the harshest of

Australian elements.

Tidywall and cabinets were meant to be together.

These cabinets can all just clip on and off tidywall panels.

Three panels in an open carport looks great and gives the home owner a life time of options.

Go ahead and give tidywall

a work out.

You will be amazed at how strong these PVC panels actually are.

Are you tired of rolling your bikes around the garage in order

to get to something.

Put them on the wall and

forget about it.

No more damage to your

bikes or cars and you actually might use the bikes again.

A little bit of tidywall

goes a long way for this weight's enthusiast.

These clients have no

problem getting their cars in the garage.

Are bikes a problem in your garage?

They are not any longer in this clients garage.

We try to put all the bikes towards the garage door so they don't have to roll past the cars when being used.

Tidywall can just about hang anything that you can think of.

If you want it off the floor and out of harms way, you should seriously think of our tidywall panels.

Create a home gym by

using the walls.

Inspire your kids to be

active and tidy

at the same time.

The use for tidywall panels in your garage and around your home is only limited by your imagination.

We have a fitting for any application.

This is a pretty comfy looking garage.

A nice place to park the car

and to hang out in ~

So says this dog.

Tidywall panels look great by themselves,

but add a bit of paint to high light them makes them look even better.

Isn't this a great garage to come home to.Neat, tidy, easy to clean and maintenance free.

This could easily be your garage.

A fully wrapped garage

in Tidywall panels, gives this client a lifetime or organising and reorganising options.

Doesn't this look great.

What was once piled into

a big heap along the sides

of this garage,

is now put to an orderly manner

and promotes you to go out and do a bit of gardening.

This wall looks pretty good

very functional for the tasks at hand.

We always ask to fit the vacuum onto the panels. It just gives a much more professionally finished look.

You can even hang things all around it.

This very active family

put all their gear on the walls.

Its easy to see,

easy to access and easy to put back, they just love it.

Your garage with tidywall

panels more than just a place to park your car.

Store your most valuable

asset at night and in the day

your garage can be whatever you want it to be.

Tidywall panels in the

laundry room.White, bright, easy to clean and can grow with every need of your growing family.

This is a great glamour shot.

Even though everything is out on display it still looks very tidy. Actually it looks really good.

All the gear hanging off this wall was at one time hanging off some retailers wall when they bought it. They bought it because of function and looks. All his gear looks just as good here as it did there.

Out Tidywall is perfect for shop outfitting.

Bikes, poles, golf bags

and all the rest, this client has a life now that he is organised.

Bikes are the worst things in your garage if they are not secured.

You can put hundreds

of kilometers in your garage rolling your bikes around trying to get to your other gear.

Get them off the floor today, the tidywall way.

No more kids bikes crashing into your brand new car.

What are you going to do today?

Ride a bike, go fishing,

or maybe do some work around

the house.

Tidywall gives you choices.

A place for everything and everything in its place.

An old slogan that traverses the years.

This garage showing

a good mix of product,

tidywall panels, flooring, cabinetry, overhead storage, firewood box and a heavy duty workbench to boot.

Plenty of room for the cars or people doing what ever they wanted in their new large space.

Goes anywhere organises everything.

That's the tidywall slogan,

we believe its true.


Tidywall can go anywhere and organise everything.

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Join the Tidywall Revolution and get hooked on Tidywall.

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