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Our Garage Grids are another great organising system.

Made from welded steel that has a baked on powder coat finish that not only looks good but will last for years to come.

You can adjust your gear up and down or right and left where ever you have a grid installed.

Our Garage Grids can handle heavy loads and help you get it off the floor in a snap.

These panels measure 1870mm high x 610mm wide and can carry a large amount of gear.

Not only made for the garage.

Garage grids look good and work a treat in any area of the house.

There is no limitations to what you can use these grids for.

space the grids out along the wall to cover more distance

A nice shot of our 1220mm wide x 600mm high grid supporting our 1020mm deep grid shelf.

We also attach these to the ceiling for maximum weight carrying capacity.

Here is a very tidy garage grid wall.

7 of our 1800mm x 600mm grids side by side. 3 of our big 1020mm deep grid shelves up high above the head.

3 of our big 600 deep grid shelves midway.

Leaving lots of area for hanging everything else off the floor.

Nice Fastfloor design also. Their design not ours.

A full wall of vertical grids coupled with some 1020 grid shelves and a couple of 600 deep grid shelves.

Another detail shot of our Garage Grid system in place, clean looking and highly functional.

This whole wall is filled with our vertical 1870mm high x 610mm wide Garage Grids.

All our grids can be cut down to accommodate power points, switch boxes, windows, vacuum's or to fit tight for a professional finish.

All our garage grids are packed safely and we deliver them Australia wide.

Easy to install with just a level, tape measure and a screw gun.

Follow our comprehensive instructions for a professional finish.

Level the first one perfectly and all the rest follow suit.

All of our accessories just clip on and off for a lifetime of hassle free organising.

The powder coated finish is strong and will look good in any part of the home that needs a flexible organising system.

Another glamour shot of how our garage grid system can look inside your house.

Garage Grids are strong, long lasting, highly functional and best of all they look great in any area.

Glamour shot of our grids and accessories just hanging around.

You can get all of this for under $700.00 if you install it yourself.

5 grids spaced out doing what they do best, hang stuff. This wall has heaps of potential to store a lot more when the need arises.

If you look at gallery 15, you will see th other wall done in grids also.

this family got totally organised with our totally adjustable garage grid system for under $2200.00 to easy!

Neat and tidy with room for plenty more.

Our Garage Grids work well and look great with our overhead storage systems.

Check out our ceiling category to find out more.

This wall is storing a lot at the moment, but it still has plenty of room to accommodate anything new that finds its way in.

We have 3 grid sizes:

TALL grid 610mm wide

x 1870mm high

WIDE grid 1200mm side

x 600mm high

SQUARE grid 610mm wide

x 550mm high

This is the wall opposite the picture in Gallery 12. this family though they had to much stuff and would regretfully have to get rid of some of it. They didn't think they could find a reasonably priced solution for all their gera.

We proved them wrong. We gave them a couple walls of storage, that is totally adjustable and still has plenty of room to add more with their growing family.

Now the cars are back in the garage and their toys are no longer getting damaged.

Win, win, win, all round.

Close up shot of a 1220mm wide x 610mm high horizontal grid.

This grid has a 1020mm deep grid shelf up high,

a 250mm grid shelf mid way still leaving some room for hanging the long stuff.

Our Grids attach to anything you want, brick, timber or concrete.

Just bolt them in and your on your way.

Same shot as in gallery 16, but showing everything.

A lot of bang for your buck and space.

2 of the 1020mm deep shelves,

2 of the 600mm deep shelves,

all adjustable and ready for work.

These 2400mm long grids, work great if you only want small rows of organising along your walls.

Glamour shot of a ready to go grid wall 2400mm wide.

Our grids work just as well outside as they do inside.

Another outside area using our Garage Grid system to organise their outside gear.

We are not joking when we say you can organise a lot of gear off a few grids.

The most popular Garage Grid colour is white, but we can provide black and chrome finishes for that bold look.


We have lots of information for you regarding our Garage Storage Grids.

Scroll over the silver tabs to see and read about how our Garage Grid System can immediately get you set up with an organised storage area.

They are fast to install with minimum tools or we can install for you.

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