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Fastfloor Garage Flooring protects you from your dirty garage floor or it protects your good garage floor from becoming dirty and oily.

These 450mm x 450mm x 5mm thick tiles are the perfect answer to a lot of problems, they work great for covering old, oily, cracked, painted, or just disgusting garage floors.Fastfloor also works well for the above in other areas of the home, office or factory. Just lay them down clip them into place for a Fast Floor.

Fast floor is oil, grease, car fluids and, most household chemicals resistant, spill any of the above on this floor and it just wipes or mops off.

If you have a new concrete floor why not protect it with our PVC Fastfloor tiles and when you move just pull them up and relay them again in your new area. A win, win, win situation. click the Fastfloor button to see more.


Our epoxy flooring is a great alternative to bare concrete. Once applied you can mop it, scrub it, blow it, nothing will stick or soak into it. Made from hard core two pack epoxies with a 100% decorative PVC coloured chip coverage that sets into the base coat. This is then scrapped flat and finished off with our non yellowing epoxy top coats.

But with epoxy, unlike our Fastfloor tiles which can lay over the top of most floors without any preparation, it all comes down to the prep work.

The best prep for an epoxy floor is diamond grinding the whole floor and if needed diviting out around deeper oil stains so the epoxy can grab into a footing left by the grinding. This allows us to give you longer guarantees, 7 years, rather than the standard 2 years being offered by our competition, using an acid wash as the only prep.

Come into our showroom to view some of our laid seamless epoxy flooring.

Due to the complexities of laying epoxy properly we do not sell epoxy for DIY purposes.


We have a colour combination for everyone.

From one solid PVC flake colour to a mixture of 5 different colours, which can be mixed 20 different ways.

We are positive that you will find the match for you.

Click on the grey colour samples tab to see and find out more about all our epoxy flake colour combinations.


GARAGE FLOORING can totally transform the look of your garage.

All our flooring is made specifically for the garage and is resistant to oil, grease, brake fluids, radiator fluids and most household chemicals and thinners.

Unlike bare concrete which absorbs oils and greases leaving you with ugly staining that spreads out like cancer.

Our flooring allows you to just mop or wipe off any spills to give you a floor that looks as good as any other household floor but is 100 times more durable.

So go ahead and take your shoes off in the garage, you wont be disappointed.

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