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Our Hyloft overhead storage racks are the best.

They are made out of steel grids and other metal parts that have a baked on powder-coated white finish.

They will look great anywhere you may put them.

They can be adjusted up and down from the ceiling

400-800mm and can carry loads well over 100 kgs.

Want instant storage.

Get hyloft.

Garage Storage Units


Welcome to the wonderful world of Hoisters.

We only use the latest and the greatest hoisting equipment.
Our Hoisting System uses the same gear as the maxi-racing yachts. Being all stainless steel construction with the highest quality braided rope available.

We only carry this line of rigging because we are hanging things off the ceiling and we don't want accidents.Even though it is the same concept as the "old school" block and tackle ours differs in many areas.

The biggest difference being that all our hoisting systems have a built in breaking device which eliminates the need of a separate cleat, attached to the wall. This one function makes all the difference in the world.It allows you to only use one hand to pull up or lower while the other hand guides the object where it belongs, you can suspend the item anywhere you want at a workable height.

You can rest assured that little hands wont cause an accident it is impossible.


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Want more room on your garage floor?

Use your ceiling.

We specialise in using ceiling space as an area for storage.

These deep box ceiling cabinets are great for instant storage.

All hidden behind doors.


The easiest way to double your garage floor space is to store your gear from the ceiling.

We have thought about this concept long and hard and we believe we have come up with some very clever overhead storage solutions that won't break the bank.

Have a browse through this section and see what can be done in your garage.

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