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Carpenters Work Benches have been around for thousands of years, I reckon Jesus had one in his Dad's shop.

These Solid Timber Benches are good looking in every way. Made from European Beech Timber, which is renowned world wide for its straight grain and stability. These benches are designed to give you a lifetime of professional wood working or hobbying pleasure.

Also called Joiners or Cabinetmakers Workbenches, because of their unique placement of the two vices and the tool well sunk into the top. Though very chunky looking, they also exhume a sense of elegance with a fine finish given to all these benches. Some of the finest furniture in the world has been knocked up on benches just like these.

They make for a very unique gift and can give hours of joy and bonding with your children when you have a hobby at hand.< These are definitely something to be proud of once you become an owner.

truly a prize catch.


Our Custom V.P. Benches have been a hit since we first started using them.

We wanted a work bench top that could withstand everything that a garage environment could throw at it. Hammering, scratching, chemicals, harsh treatment and the rest.

Well it wasn't laminate or stone, that's for sure. Even though we do make stainless steel tops, we wanted something more affordable for our clients.

So we came up with our own ~ unique only to Garage Organisers. The V.P. Bench top ~ Vinyl protected tops. We use bases, that are engineered to be almost unbreakable at 25mm thick and we wrap it with our 2mm thick designer vinyl.

You can hammer these tops directly with no effect, it won't crack, chip, warp or burn. It just keeps on going on looking good all the time. A nice wax and polish once a year brings it right back.

We usually use the tops over cabinets below, creating a durable long lasting work centre that would look just as good in the house as in the garage.


This Steel Work Bench with a 32mm Plywood top

is part of the Garage Buddy Steel Cabinet System.

We have sold so many of these that we thought that they deserved their own section.

This bench unit is made from baked on powder coated steel that is simple to install and is shipped flat packed across Australia. The top is made out of a robust 32mm thick multi layered plywood

top, guaranteed not to crack, bow or fall apart.

We can add our 2mm vinyl coating over this surface to increase the durability and longevity of this Work Bench top.

This bench works great because it has room for a chair underneath or any thing else you may want to store.

You can put your favourite vice on top

and it is a bench that is easily retractable when needed.

A top choice for a simple but strong Work Bench.


We have a superb range of Steel Cabinets,

even though they were made for the garage,

people seem to find places all around the

house and shed for them.

Made out of steel and carrying a baked on powder coat finish.

These cabinets look good, are durable and well worth having one around the house.

All these benches come flat pack for easy shipping and are easily assembled with minimal tools or assembly knowledge.

These are quality steel workbench that will be with you for a long time.









Every body needs a good work bench in their garage.

If not to actually work onto at least put the groceries

or other stuff being unloaded from the car.

We love a good workbench so we made it a mission to source the best we can get our hands on and still be affordable for our clients to purchase.

The benches we did finally pick went through a big list of criteria before we finally brought them into the fold.

They must look good, so we feel good working around them, they must be strong to handle any work loads.

What good is a broken bench ?

They must be reasonably priced and they must be portable.

Some of our timber workbenches look so good our customer's do not want to work on them so they put them in the house as conversation pieces.

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