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We have licensed joiners and all the tools and insurances needed to tackle the bigger jobs. Like this open carport in the middle of a conversion.

Most times the more work required in prep or pre-product installation the better. This gives us a chance to layout the area more readily to accept our product with every stud in its place.

If you can get us over your garage plans in the design stage, we can tailor it to make sure you are getting the most use out of a most valuable space.


If the quality of the products and how they perform is in the preparation, then the look, feel and function of your garage solutions is in the design.

We have 25 years experience in custom designed storage systems from custom designed wall units, kitchens, furniture and now garages. The garage is usually the biggest open span area in most houses. Four times bigger than a kitchen and eight times bigger than bathrooms.

You've got cabinets, tidywall panels, ceiling storage racks, epoxy or PVC flooring, bench tops shelving, enclosures, hoisters, painting, electrical, and a choice of hundreds of accessories to choose from . If your considering doing a large section of your garage . A good design is paramount. Even if you are only doing a budgeted wall at a time. Do it with an overall design in hand.

Turn your garage into another liveable area of your house, a place for the cars and your life too.


We do all sorts of assembly.

From large cabinet jobs to our steel garage buddy cabinet range.

We can assemble it for you.

We sell a lot of product in a flat pack configuration mostly for ease of transport when people want to drive it away or have it delivered anywhere around Australia.

So we do offer an assembly service if you require any items assembled after purchasing.


A good coat of paint............

Part of our services includes painting, confined only to the areas we are working.

We only use quality wash and wear paint with guarantees that come close to our products.

We can give that ceiling a new lift, paint trims, windows, doors, brick walls, and anything else that will help give your garage makeover that brand new look and feeling.


We have been in this game for years and the first and last lessons we learn is " there is no shortcuts to a quality finish".

It is all in the preparation and everything else follows suit.

We don't acid wash floors before epoxy. We diamond grind. WHY? its better preparation giving you a better job and longer guarantees.

We don't leave cracks - we fill them,
We don't leave oil stains - we divot them out,
If it needs re-in forcing - we do it.

As much as we think you are a great client, we don't want to come back.

Unless its for more work or a bar-b-que invitation.


OK, its all over,

either one day or five, its done, looks great, all the doors fit perfectly, the drawers slide out effortlessly, panels are wiped clean, floor swept and mopped.

Everything bright and shiny with no evidence left behind that anybody was working in there at all.

That's how we leave it.


When you come home at night it will always look different and will always be tidy and swept.

If you come in the middle of the day - it could be another story - don't panic its not finished - its just the worm on the way to a butterfly.

If you do have concerns or queries please don't hesitate to ask one of our installers who can answer any questions you may have.


Our guys show up happy and ready to go.

They have been briefed extensively on all the details of your job and have the same plan you have in their hand.

You have had ample warning that we are arriving on the day and have cleared out your garage to allow us in. Or you have moved it to a side where we may not be working.
If you are too busy, for a nominal fee we can arrange all your moving for you.

Upon arriving at your house all our staff will introduce themselves and go over the days works.

A lot of clients leave us the garage opener and lock their internal door so that they can carry on with their life.


Some jobs are done is a day, some in a week.

Some are full blown remodels that take a team of highly qualified tradesman to start and finish your job in an orderly and timely manner.

We have these teams, either one man or five, we get the job done no matter what needs to be done.

Carpentry, cabinetmaking, bricklaying, painters, epoxy applicators - these are our employees and with tried and trusted licensed electricians and plumbers, we can give your garage the fit it needed no matter how heavy the job.


100% satisfaction guaranteed.

We may be done with your job but were not far away.

Your reference is our retirement plan.

All of our products carry warranties.

We also guarantee our workmanship installing it.

Basically you don't pay if its not done right or there are problems not fixed.

But it doesn't stop there we want you talking about your garage years in the future, and put it in writing that we wont leave you hanging if a problem arises from either parties fault.

Go ahead have us quote your garage storage solution and be 100% satisfied, guaranteed.


All our invoices are done by computer, they lay out the grand total for all works to be performed.

They also have our terms and conditions with information and payment options.

All our invoices are tallied up from the product pricing lists which is also included with your design and invoice paper work.


We want you to know exactly what you are getting for your money.

Included in all our quotes and invoices is an itemised list which is clear and concise and details everything going into your garage.

If its not there your not getting it.

If its there we guarantee it.

Everyone is protected.

All accessories usually require a separate invoice.


All our designs are by computer aided design.

This means that everything is clear and concise with measurements, product placement, colour and a great point of reference for us to converse on.

All our designs coincide with our onsite measurements and client brief. Most times its exactly like we discussed but sometimes we make a few changes.

Once our designs are approved, they become a working contract between ourselves and our clients protecting us both from any misunderstandings.

Our motto is " a good design, quality product and professional installation = a great lasting result."


Once our designers arrive at your house they will present you with various product and installed job brochures for you to look at for ideas and inspirations.

At the same time they are measuring out your garage. They will be asking you questions about what areas you are wanting to use for storage, what items you have now and at the same time be planning in storage for your future.

Most times we can give rough pricing with onsite sketches, so we can start finding a budget to work in.

Once we have a complete client brief and all necessary measurements, we go back to begin or finalise a design for your garage.


Packed up and ready to go. Same garage as before, but a whole different world.

This 3 car garage makeover is everything the owners wanted. A place to park and protect the cars at night but also an area to use for whatever they wanted when the cars are out.

Cabinets to store unsightly but wanted items, workbench area for hobbying, wall storage for easy access to all their gear, ( off the floor and out of harms way) and a beautiful floor that can handle anything that garage life can throw its way.

Sweep it, blow it, or just mop, the kids and cars love this floor. You can see more of this garage in the galleries section.


Final stages of clearing out before we begin moving in.

When it comes to full makeovers we require that the garage by empty, (within reason). As we will require as much room as possible to store your product and make ourselves a little workshop area.

This especially applies when we are also doing the floors.

The good thing about us in the garage means no dust or noise in your house and minimal disturbance to your daily lifestyle.


It's not finished until everything is finished off nicely.

This is the fiddly part, a part where a lot of workmanship really falls down, just look around the average house.

So close to being done and the back door is right there.

That's not us, the finishing touches are the bridges that pull the whole job together. You need the trims, paint and professionalism to see the job through to the end. Nothing to pick.

If you do pick something please bring it to our attention for a tidy response.


Quality is key - without it every step of the way then it is not quality.

We work with quality products. That makes it easy for us, as then we only have to install with a quality conscience and professional manner to achieve great results.

A quality install goes further than putting up product, there is also productivity, timeliness, cleanliness and courteousness - that also make a quality install.

We hope to make you feel comfortable with the whole process along the way.


I guess you could say we know this business better than most people.

We have hung thousand of bikes, filled baskets, packed cabinets, hoisted kayaks, stacked shelves and arranged gardening tools so many times we do it in our sleep.

If you need somebody to not only install but also organise let us know. We can provide that service at a nominal rate.

But rest assured our installers wont leave without giving you some solid pointers and advice.


It all starts with a quote, then a design, then a plan... follow the plan and you will get to the spot you want to be in.

We can plan your garage in the beginning to accommodate everything in the end. A place for everything in its place.

Stop into our showrooms to see what can be done in your garage.
Everything we do is storage ready.


We make happy people. If your not happy we are not done working there yet.

Saying it again, your good recommendation is our retirement plan.

We only want your best also, so we work hard to keep our customers happy.

Refer to the happy sheet page for more on Happy.

We have gathered tons of great testimonials over the years, its a shame we couldn't put them all on our website because they all share the same enthusiasm we have.

Garage Organising is a great concept once the product is in you can do it and re do it over and over again, year after year, with very minimal hassle, never put a nail or screw in your wall again.


We are after your recommendation so we give all our clients a chance to voice their views about anything we have done for them.

A Happy Sheet is just a 5 minute questionnaire asking you about our service, good or bad.

So like the song says if your happy and you know it let us know, and if your sad please let us know so we can fix it.

There could be a nice gift for the garage in it for you.


Almost everywhere !
WA. SA. VIC. NSW. even NT. & TAS, and lots of QLD.

If you read all of this Outfitters section, page by page then you know our philosophy and mandate to our clients and craftsmanship.

If you believe this could be something for you and your family then give us a call anytime to discuss your possible career in Garage Outfitting. We have extensive ( mandatory ) training through catalogues, installation, design and quoting, hands on practical experience. We fully support all our Garage Outfitters in every aspect of Garage Organising.

If your a handy person and just wanting to supplement your income that's great we can help you get started. You may want to go big with some chosen territories, that's what we are looking for, motivation. No matter who you are we could have a position. Give us a call lets roll the ball together.


All of our product has been used over and over again - and over the years we have had the opportunity to use many others products.

Some are good and we use it still today, and some just did not cut it so we don't use them any more.

We test all our product daily because we install daily.

Now days we have all our own product made from our designs and specifications, WHY?

Because we want it to work, for a long time and that's hard to find out there these days living in this disposal society.

If we cant get in it, stand on it, or hang off it, we don't use it.

The Garage Outfitters are the design and installation arm of The Garage Organisers business.

They have years of experience in all aspects of storage design and installations.

You will find them at all our showrooms and they are there to help you design your garage storage solution. Not only will they design it for you they will also install it.

At the moment they service South East Queensland and Greater Sydney.

We are always looking for quality people to join our team in all areas across Australia.

If you think helping people get organised is for you. Give us a call to discuss it further.

You could be Outfitting your own territory before you know it!

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