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We always try to store the bikes and other things on wheels towards the garage door opening.

We do this so when you or the kids want to go for a bike ride they don't have to wheel the bikes past the cars promoting possible damage to your vehicles.

This way also gives you good clean access, without hindrance, when you are exiting or entering your car.

We try to recommend to our clients to have the car on left side of garage facing in and the car on the right side facing out. This gives both drivers full un-hindered access into the middle of the garage avoiding collisions with things hanging off the wall. You laugh because I say back one car in? Check out our park zone parking aids in the what's new category. This little device makes easy work of backing in and out of tight spaces.

Keep as much space in your lower garage as possible.

Try to have your big bulky items stored off the ceiling.

We can make these ceiling cabinets up to 1200mm deep and can place them just about anywhere.

Use thinner cabinets down low, giving you easy access to often used items.

This will give you more garage floor space for kids, cars and parties.

Keeping your cabinets suspended off the floor is the only way to go.

This technique has many benefits besides the fact that it allows you to view your complete floor. It also doesn't give the crawley things a place to nest underneath.

Nothing worse than chasing them out of the house to only have them hide under a cabinet till night comes, and back again they come.

The other advantage is that you can hose the floor out without worrying about your cabinets getting wet and possibly deteriorating over time.

It takes special cabinet construction techniques before you attempt this style of installation. We have been cabinetmakers for the last 25 years and definitely have this technique down pat. We can dance 3 men on this unit, no problem.

We guarantee every aspect of our product and installation.

Another Hot Tip. Teach your kids to be tidy and respect their belongings! Ha Ha you say.

We always try to organise the kids stuff into one area so its all together in" their own" little area.

This helps give them a sense of responsibility to their own.

If you find yourself continually organising their space, that's ok, at least the neighbours will think they are tidy.

Check out our accessory category to see everything we have to keep those toys out of your toes.

The garage is usually one of the biggest open span spaces in the house.

Turn it into the workhorse it was meant to be. A place for your cars and your life too.

Turn it into a place to dry clothes on cloudy days. These pull out hangers work a treat and with careful thought can find a home in every garage.

No more mouldy clothes.

Another Hot Tip when it is raining... Have your kids play in the garage. Safe and sound especially if you have one of our Fastfloors laid. They might fall off but they won't break anything.

Check out our Fast floor tiles in our flooring section.

Here is a Hot Tip. Get Fast floor and turn your garage into another liveable room for your house.

Fastfloor is tough enough to handle anything your car will throw at it but forgiving enough to protect your children from serious harm. Actually there is nothing in this garage that a kid can destroy. Not that they would every try that. Little angels.

Our Tidywall panels are indestructible and dirty hands just wipe off with a damp cloth. You can throw a bike at it and have no effect.

You can see more on Tidywall under our walls category.

Here is something for the camping crew. Why not use your camp table as a platform for all your camp gear? This client wants to get out of there fast, without having to have all his gear stored at the front door.

There is still plenty of room on this hoisting platform for more boxes, tarps, eskies and fishing poles.

Up out of harms way till you need it. Keep it safe and separated with our ceiling hoisting systems.

To see more check out the new products category or the hoister section in our ceiling category.

Wouldn't it be nice, no gear at all. It just turns invisible. Wakey, wakey, just not the case.

But I'll tell you what. If you wanted an efficient, in expensive top notch storage system, then you can not go past our garage grids and grid shelving.

1 meter deep high shelving able to store 500kgs of grunt. If you got that, a row of our 600mm deep grid shelves for the, again, big stuff and lots of area to hang a lot of stuff. Ask us for a price and be pleasantly surprised.

Go to our walls category and click on garage grids to see what other people have done with a scenario just like this.

Standard home vacuum's have got to be the loudest, most annoying things on earth that's why they put them in the garage. Bad idea if you were planning on capitalising on this most expensive piece of real estate.

If you were to divide your total home floor area into what you paid for your home, you will soon realise that the garage is one of the most expensive areas of the home.

If you have the budget it is always a good idea to put these little blow horns behind cabinet doors.

We can design a cabinet or cabinet system that will hide and silence the vacuum forever. All designed to flow with the rest of your garage.

If you don't have a garage vac check out our What's New category to view a vacuum that is silent, portable and works for you not against you.

We have more of hidden behind door vacuum's in our cabinets category.

Where can I put my mower, wheelbarrow, coffin sized eskie, Christmas tree, blower, kitchen sink an fairy floss maker?

We say " in an enclosure".

If it is possible to design into your garage and you agree. You can't go past one of our custom made garage enclosures.

We cant talk this one up enough, A shed in a garage, What?

Yes, but a good looking fully organisable, inside and out, shed space.

Go to our cabinets category and click on garage Enclosures to open up all the possibilities an enclosure gives you in your garage.

Here is the best tip of all.

Only use fully licensed, fully insured, fully experienced tradesman that have a good reputation and a large choice of references for you to check on before doing any major project. It is also a good thing if they have a point of reference to go back to.

Like a showroom and quality website with other public commitments that you can fall back onto if you need to get hold of them for any reason.

We are all the above and more, go to our service FAQ's or Garage Outfitters categories to hook up with more on how we run our business and treat our clients.

Hope to see you in the garage revolution soon.

This guy hated leaving this inflatable outside. Always needing 2 people to help him drag it out from around back and lugging it onto the car then doing it all over again when he got back.

Now he just pulls the car in and drops it down. Straps it down and drives away and the wife never has to leave the kitchen! Why are my ears burning?

But seriously check out our ceiling section to see how hoisting up your valuables becomes a hop tip.

Its good to consider a bit of workbench space when thinking about your garage.

Not only is it a good idea for a bit of hobbying or fixing things. They are really handy for kids, out of the house, school projects and unloading the groceries onto.

This is a very useful bench storage unit. It has plenty of storage compartments, a nice V.P. bench top with his favourite vice and all the while enjoying the days sunshine and passing neighbours.

See more benches like this in our cabinet and workbench section.

Go through our whole website for answers and inspiration.

We have designed our website to be interactive and informative.

We have also designed this website to have easy point of references you can go to. So when you are talking to one of our consultants they can be on the same page as you at all times.

Most of our website has been priced out so you can get instant pricing over the phone or emailed out to you if you fill out our web form on the contact us page.


Garage Organising is fairly new in Australia. Most people lean their gear up against a wall, put a few hooks up from the local hardware store or use some old wardrobes or such to help organise their garage.

That's the old school way and we reckon that's the main reason why the majority of garage's we come across are bomb sites or bomb sites in the making.

Welcome to the 21st Century and the benefits within.

Proper garage organising requires two things, quality garage storage products and a bit of a design relating to your lifestyle. Over the years we have come up with hundreds of tips to help you maximise your most valuable asset, space.

Scroll the grey tabs to find out more. check back often as we load up more Hot Tips.

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