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Yes, this is actually someone's garage and they just blow the floor clean with their leaf blower and give it the occasional mop and it still looks just like the day we installed it.

If you want long guarantees for your floor, you have to include diamond grinding as part of your preparation.

Actually we don't lay any epoxy floors without diamond grinding the slab first.

Others will tell you that acid washing the floor as a means for preparation is sufficient we totally disagree.

The only way to get a good mechanical bond between your slab and the epoxy can only be accomplished by diamond grinding and the deep scratching that it will give you.

Its all in the prep.

Any deep oil or grease stains are cleaned and then divited out to assure complete footing and adhesion over the stained markings.

Most cracking is filled with a two pack filler prior to epoxy applications to assure you a perfect finish product every time.

some serious cracking going on in this garage which will not be noticed once the floor is laid.

We guarantee that you wont see any prior slab cracking in our finish product, but we can not guarantee that the epoxy wont crack if your slab continues to crack through out its lifetime.

All our work areas are completely masked off and protected to assure you a perfect job with out any accidents that could disrupt another part of your house.

We use an environmentally friendly two packed water based coatings that are odour free, dry hard as steel for years of maintenance free garage floor care.

A picture of a few boxes of our coloured PVC chips that will be added to the base coat.

We coat our floors in 100% chip coverage, this means that there is about 20kgs of our PVC chips embedded in our epoxy base coat.

Which helps hide imperfections in the slab, strengthen the epoxy from brittleness, gives you R14 slip resistance and allows us to give you a great looking pattern for your garage floor.

Our epoxy coating process is a two day application, with the first day consisting of prep, and laying of base coat and chips.

The second day consisting of prep and the application of clear coats.

All our floors can be walked on with light floor traffic the day after applying the finish coats and can be driven on 7 days later.

To see more up-close pictures of the various colour patterns we can provide you with, click on the colour sample slide show tab above the gallery 10 tab.

When our team has finished an epoxy floor we leave your home and our worksite in a cleaner state than when we arrived.

This floor looks great as it is without the clear coats, but looks 100 times better once the clear coats are applied.

These clear coats are UV protected and will not fade in the sun, oil and grease will just wipe off giving you a clean floor area that you wouldn't think twice about letting the kids play on.

This photo shows a garage that has been diamond ground and all cracks and holes filled just prior to base coat application.

Everything is scrapped down prior to installation to get rid of any bumps or protrusions that can be seen later in the finished product.

A nice before and after shot, showing your average garage staining and a floor that will never stain like this again.the problem with open concrete is that it is unprotected and oil and grease absorb into the concrete and spreads out making your garage unbearable to look at and unthinkable to walk around on barefoot.

With a new epoxy floor you will never have to worry about this staining again as it all just wipes off with a cloth or mop, treat it just like an inside floor.

You just wont believe the difference once your new floor is laid.

Another before and after shot showing you what a difference a new floor can make. This old red floor was recommended to these home owners from the local hardware store as being a garage floor paint.To their horror they soon realised that their cars hot tyres were sticking to the paint when they parked their car and it was rolling it out the garage when they took off.There is only one paint product you can use to withstand everything an automobile can throw at it and it is two pack epoxy.

Another shot of an area in our showroom - showing you the original factory floor which was absolutely disgusting.

You would never know what was hidden when you look at our showroom floor now.

Hot car tyres and our epoxy flooring no problem.

Give us a call to get your free quote on your new garage floor today.

Our epoxy floors allow you to walk around the garage just like you would if you were walking around your house, barefooted, with out the worry of tracking in oil, greases and any other nasties that stick to un protected concrete floor.

Doing your garage floor finishes it all off, our epoxy floors are not only hard wearing they look great and can help turn your garage into another liveable area for you house.

With our epoxy floor system, you have a choice of hundreds of colour combinations to suit any decor you may want to match.

All of our installers are in house trained and pay attention to every detail.

They leave no mess through out the process, and your floor is guaranteed to look great for years to come.

Once our epoxy coating floor system is applied everything else in the life of your garage floor is just a mop and bucket away from looking brand new.

Car oils and car fluids and most household chemicals just mop up, leaving you with a clean, barefoot-able floor to run around on.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but honestly speaking all of our floors look a 100% better than what they do in photographs.

Because of our diamond grinding and preparation processes, we can guarantee you that hot tyres from your car will not drive this paint job away.

This is what you call a seamless floor, it has 100% PVC chip coverage and has absolutely no seams at all.

Totally waterproof.

No gaps anywhere, easy to clean.

These people leave their garage door open all the time because their garage looks great.

We can help you choose the colours in your floor to complement the rest of the fit out on your garage.

Our epoxy system works just as well outside as it does inside, all our epoxy's top coats are UV resistant, and are formulated to handle any adverse weather conditions either in your garage or outside in the elements.

Even though this floor looks glossy and possibly even slippery, it is not the case, all our floors have an Australian standard R14 slip rating which assures you that you will not slip on our floors at any time.

Our epoxy flake flooring system looks great in outside areas, and is an economical alternative to more traditional out door finishes.

This seamless application gives you a continuous stone or granite look with all the slip resistance you need on those rainy days.

A little detail shot of some of our custom cabinets, sitting on an epoxy floor.

All the colours specially blended to match the surrounding elements.

This job shows our epoxy flake flooring returning up the skirting board underneath our Tidywall panels.

This technique will allow you to be able to just hose the whole garage out, panels and all with out worrying about the water ruining the skirting boards and walls.

This is a shot of an outdoor patio area that gives the owner everything they need, a seamless floor that doesn't have to worry about grout staining.

Can just be hosed down and scrubbed to look as good as new.

All our floors are applied with the highest professional standards.

Our installers are all certified under the manufactures application guidelines and they are completely proficient in all aspects of concrete preparation and epoxy applications.


Epoxy Flooring for the garage has been around for a few years now. It is really the only paint that can be laid on your garage floor, if its not an epoxy then your hot tyres will drive the paint away. Epoxy is popular for many reasons, done properly it will give you a seamless flooring that is easy to clean and maintain. Oil, grease, car fluids and most household chemicals wont harm it and just mop or wipe off. Combined with our large selection of coloured PVC chips added to our epoxy process will give a floor that is a pleasure to look at and a whiz to clean up.

We can guarantee you an R-14 slip resistant floor when we add our decorative chips and non yellowing clear coats.

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