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Just about done.

Main body laid, side walls cut in and just finishing off the last fiddly areas by the angled door.

I think you will find the whole exercise very fulfilling and totally worth it when your done and mopping up.

We use all the Armour-all car washes and polishes to keep our floors looking good.

How easy does this look?

One of our owners rolling their pant legs up and getting their feet dirty.

Looks easy, is easy.

Fast floor comes boxed with 15 tiles and each box weights 15 kgs.

These tiles are packed flat and tight and are well protected against damage.

Installation is simple and the only tools needed for a professional installation is a rubber mallet, a Stanley knife with sharp blades, a steel straight edge and a measuring tape.

If you have these tools laying around the house you can have your new garage floor down in a day by your self or one afternoon with a mate.

We have plenty of instructions to help you get started and finish a job.

A nice picture showing you a fully fitted garage floor.

Each wall has been cut in to the skirting boards.

We always leave a 5mm gap between the skirting and the tile so the floor can expand and contract with the fluctuating weather.

For a water tight seal you can add a bead of sika-flex gap fill all around your floor edges which will expand an contract with the floor.

Cutting in is easy. A tape measure, straight edge and a razor knife.

That's it.

This is a little clean ability test we conducted on our fast floor.

We used this white tile to wipe off some dirty oil off the floor,

we let it sit for 7 days and then rinsed it with warm soapy water and then wiped of the remaining stain using enamel thinner, sparingly, until the tile came up bright and white just like new.

This is the beauty of our PVC tiles, everything just blows out of the garage with your standard leave blower or a household vacuum to suck up any dirt and other blow in's.Then just a mop and bucket with a good detergent for a floor that looks as good as new.

Unlike an oily bare concrete floor, dust and other particles sweep off like a breeze.

Before we lay these tiles, we give the slab a quick scrape to make sure that there is no sharp protrusions and mounds such as plaster and paint drippings.

This assures that you will have no sharp protrusions visible from the top of the tile.

Installation is simple.

A mallet and elbow grease is all that is needed.

Before shot of a fairly decent garage slab with out too much oil damage in place.

An after shot of the same garage in detail 11 with a brilliant black and white checker pattern floor.

This guy must have some special car.

The beauty of this is if this client ever moves he can pack up his floor to his new place and this will leave him with a concrete slab in the same decent condition to help the resale value of his house.

These alloy coloured tiles work great in combination with darker tiles when you want to add an accent to your garage floor.

Like borders, stripes and checkers.

These all look great and can be unique to each individual garage.

This is the back bone colour of most garage floors.

In most situations we recommend using black sections where the car tires go, so you don't need to feel like cleaning the tiles constantly to get rid of tire marks and stains.

They also work great as borders that high light, lighter tiles and your standard checker patterns such as black and white classic.

Used a lot by Harley Davidson fans, that mix it with black.

This is a close match to Harley's orange and can give you a spectacular floor to show off.

We have laid plenty of blue floors and our other customers have mixed these up nicely using a mix of blue and red, blue and yellow, and the good old blue and white checker pattern to park their favourite race car on.If you own a special car and its blue, mixing a few of these tiles in with your floor really high lights both items and makes the overall appearance of your garage look like a million bucks.

One of our most popular colours.

Not to Dark but not to light.

A great colour to mix with the other brighter, lighter colours.

Another great accent tile that we use frequently.Red is always popular and goes with most of our other colours.

Unless you like scrubbing tiles constantly or just don't care about looks, we recommend you do not use these tiles underneath vehicles and in high traffic areas.

All the Fast floor range of tiles clean up as new. Its just the level of cleaning that the tiles may need and the strength of detergent to de-grim it.

White works best in either checker floor patterns or as features in the bigger floor design.

White also goes well around the house for a fresh clean look that can resist anything a household can throw at it.

Glamour shot of a red and black floor.

This floor looks twice as good when you are standing on it.

This is black and alloy all mixed up. These two colours go great together and is one of our favourites.

This client went with all solid colours and looked awesome just like looking at a seamless sea of rugged charcoal flooring.

A pretty little display mat in our showroom showing all our colours.

This would be great in a kids room.

Your Garage.

A fun safe place to be for your cars, kids, and whole family.

This floor here is actually a small section of a very large multicoloured floor -black and white, charcoal and yellow.

Black and alloy checker floor. One of our most popular patterns.

Makes your garage a fun place to be for you, the kids and the neighbours too.

Our brown tiles with a magic painted brown skirting showing elegance and durability in this fast paced garage.

All of our fast floor tiles work great with gym and exercise equipment.

This client turned his garage into a workshop and hang out area - what a great space.

Nice car, nice floor, say no more.

Our installers are highly skilled, have a great eye for detail and leave you with a professionally finished floor wall to wall.

Kids love these fast floor tiles for a couple of reason's it gives them a safe area to run all their gear on and they wont get in trouble because they can never wreak the floor.

But most importantly they wont draw blood if they take a big stack.

Another shot of a scooter kid taking advantage of a highly organised garage and a new Fast floor installation.This is the beauty about organising your garage, once everything is off the floor and with the proper concrete protection, your garage can become a very large area for your kids to have a big play in when it is raining outside pull the cars out, close the garage door and then they are safe.

Nice little design in a long narrow garage, darker colours ide the dirt better so you wont feel like cleaning all the time.

No this isn't our car we are just trying to show off this midnight blue tile.

But we actually think our floor helps show this car off.

A new garage floor with a great alloy charcoal pattern.

Our Fast floor tiles have a nice gloss to them which is easy to maintain using the more popular automotive car washes and waxes.

Pretty nice interpretation on the use of red and blue tiles.

I think there would of been a few hours spent on excel program designing this one.

We like it!

More fun for the family as they head for the finish line of this customers large DIY project.

I think they are getting a bit pooped, this was a big project.

You will never know it but this floor was in terrible condition sitting underneath an old raised Queenslander.

When we got to this under the house area, it was bare and stark and only a home for spiders and other crawlies.By putting our Fast floor tiles down, helped turn this once unlivable space under the house into another liveable area in their home.

Yellow, Ferrari yellow, this is our gold tile and looks spectacular with black mixed in it.

We would not recommend this lighter tile being used as the main body of your floor if it is in a high vehicle traffic area because it will show dirt much easier than the other colours.

But for highlighting and designing patterns in a floor this is a great coloured tile.

Go to our gallery section and click on Makeover 13 to see an example.

One styled out car mat with a Ferrari on top surrounded by our edge ramps for a stylish finish.

Another shot of this black and white checker floor but with all the trimmings.

Custom storage units and Tidywall panels tied the ribbon up on this box.

Nice clean garage with charcoal and black working together this makes for a very low maintenance, extremely durable garage floor.

No bugs in this garage.

Everything visible just a sweep or blow out to get it into shape.

Your garage, a great place to hang out in.

This is what happens when we leave the designing up to our clients own devices.

We compliment them on this very unique garage floor design.

They won't see another one like this that's for sure.

Personalise your space with your own personal touches.

Don't have an artistic bone in your body? That's ok. We can design it for you and show you the designs before you decide to buy.

We had these tiles made for our Gold Coast showroom to run our brands colour throughout the floor.

These vivid forest green tiles look so good we decided to keep them as stock items.

9 colours to choose from to give you full design freedom.

We can produce any colour you want on special order.

Go ahead get creative, send us a picture and we will put it up on our site.


Is a relatively new concept that is sweeping across Australia. Why let your concrete floor deteriorate into a monster when you can easily cover the floor with our Fast floor tiles, that are specifically designed to retard oil, grease, break fluid, radiator fluids and most house hold chemicals.

Once down you will never have to tip toe around the oil stains again.  Just wipe or mop off any liquids for a floor that will contend in looks with any floor you may have in the house, and blow them all away as far as durability goes.

Make patterns, be creative, and take it with you when you move. These tiles are 450mm x 450mm x 5mm thick and there is 5 per square meter.

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