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A three metre bench top, suspended on our Tidywall panels, acting as a bus shelter for our Garage Buddy Steel Cabinets.

These Bench Tops with our V. P. treatment can go anywhere and are easy to clean and maintain.

This bench top solution will give you the best of all worlds.

It allows you to have serious storage underneath without compromising on the overall theme of your garage design.

This gives you a stylish area to work at coupled with the staying power of our V.P. Bench Tops

A nice looking V.P. top cut around a tidywall column.

There are no joins or seams on our V.P Tops.

This is a nice set up for this handy man around the house.

I wouldn't mind it myself.

Four metres of continuous V.P Bench top using our black opal vinyl.

This colour mixes well with our white custom cabinets.

A five metre workbench area with the same sized seamless V.P. Top, spanning the whole distance and looking great, but functioning even better.

Heaps of storage, heaps of bench top and heaps of tidywall this garage is organised.

This is a shot of some display cabinets we have set up in our Brisbane Showroom.

Just another V.P. Bench Top shot.

The space in between the cabinets works well to accommodate a chair and clamping on vices.

Close up view of a finely finished blue opal V.P. bench top working with white cabinetry.

Black opal on white,

very popular colour combo,

Keep the garage looking light and airy.

We carry all the colours for our V.P. product range, go to the V.P. colour page to view them close up.

A shot of our Sahara Sand V.P. Bench set up.

Our water proof sub board's can allow you to have these rugged good looking tops anywhere around the house.

4 meters of continuous bench top with no grout or seams to deal with.

This is a V.P. Top.

Clean, Strong and easy to maintain.

Another glamour shot of a well kept V.P. Bench Top set up.

Our silver shadow cabinet boards with black trim really goes well against our Polar White Tidywall and our charcoal fastfloor slab protector.

Close up view of our 25 mm multi layered plywood,

protected by our 2mm vinyl.

The plywood gives the vinyl rigidity and the vinyl protects the plywood.

Beauty and the beast.


V.P. work Bench tops work great in any situation, but they really stand out in the garage and other work area's where you require a bench top that can handle rough treatment but that will still clean up easily and look good at the end of the day.

Check out our gallery to see some of these Custom Vinyl Protected Work tops in action.

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