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The Delux, this is the biggest bench we carry.

127 kgs of timber storage and deluxe workbench top. 6 drawers, storage compartment, 2 heavy duty screw clamps, square hole bench dogs that soon become your next best working buddy.

All this wrapped up in solid thick European beech.

For a look that says strong, lets get busy, but elegant enough to go into the lounge room and be used as a very unique furniture piece.

This bench means business and you wont find one more equipped anywhere in Australia.

These benches sell out quick so if you like it call us.

Measures out at 2100mm long x 780mm wide x 815mm high and it will fit into most spaces.

Comes safely packed flat with comprehensive assembly instructions. Minimal tools required.

We can assemble for you at a minimal cost.


Well here it is, a traditional carpenters work bench, called so because unlike a cabinetmakers workbench which has storage compartments underneath and sits permanently because of the weight.

At a cabinetmakers work station in a cabinet shop, the carpenters bench was designed to be broken down and carried on site to provided a sturdy work surface that had the same clamping ability and ruggedness as his bigger brother. Many of house was built with this old faithful, sitting outside.

This same bench with its 2 huge clamping areas, square bench dogs and traditional joinery technique's will give you hours of controlled working. And even more memories built with your family .

Made out of solid, thick European beech and measuring in at 2100 x 780 wide x 815mm high it weighs a solid 68 kilos. You will not be disappointed.

Ask for a price and be pleasantly surprised. These items come safely packed flat with comprehensive assembly instructions. Minimum tools required. We can assemble for you at minimal cost.

Close up shot of chrome plated bench dogs.

The balance in the dog holes are made to be pushed down below the work surface for easy retractable access when needed.

Big solid vice at one end and the beech drawer.

As you can see, these are nicely finished workbench tops no splinters here.

Close up shot of the traditional workbench with drawer extended and the massive thickness of the vicing area.

This is a very stable table and the hue of the European beech grain gives off a beautiful patine. This will only get richer with time.

Easy to clean and every ding and gouge will act as a record of your time spent on this workbench.

Now this is chunky !

End shot of vice ready to do some serious clamping.

Put a square in the dog hole and another down the bench to trap your projects flat on the bench top to secure your work in place.

Allowing you to use both hands and finish your task more efficiently and safely.

Up close shot of the long vice with screw and guides.

Laminated solid beech timber tops assure you of a work surface that won't warp or bend.

Front view of vice showing wooden handles and steel vice plate securely attached to the solid beech vice pad.

A little action shot of a piece of solid timber trapped securely in place between the tail vice bench dog and the bench dog in the bench top.

Hammer a chisel away it won't move.

A further close up of our quality zinc plated bench dogs.

A few chisels stashed below surface in the tool well.

Close up shot of laminate 40mm beech and square bench dog holes chiseled out.

Waxed finish over the whole workbench to give it a smooth finish and low gloss sheen which is pleasing to the eye and doesn't chip or show scratches off to well.

A few tools in the tool well,

close at hand but not in the way !

They really did think about everything back then.

The better the cabinetmaker the better the bench he had but the best benches were always the simplest.

We hope you see the value of these solid timber workbenches.


This is a little cracker of a bench.

Robust enough to do serious work but small enough to fit in small places or be moved around with ease.

Made of traditional European Beech, this bench has storage galore underneath with 4 smooth operating drawers, and a single door with storage behind for bigger tools.

Even has an area above the door to store plans, saws or anything else you may need at hand.

The solid beech top is fitted with a tool well, for keeping tools at hand without protruding above the top. It is also fitted with a robust timber screw vice to be that extra pair of hands when needed. Two bench dogs to trap your work for controlled craftsmanship. Easy to assemble and you can take pride in that also.

1260mm long x 610mm wide x 840mm high and weighs a solid 56 kgs. We can deliver this to your door. Comes safely packed flat with comprehensive assembly instructions. Minimal tools required. We can assemble for you at a minimum cost.


This is a clever little bench. Only 1230mm x 770mm x 1200mm high when opened up, it will fold down to only 400mm off the wall. So if you have tight spaces but still want a bench to work at and a place to store a few tools then this solid European beech fold away workbench could be the answer.

At 61kgs, makes it a solid contender in the "sturdy" department. 2 bench vices and a tool well give you the same advantages of the bigger carpenters and cabinetmakers workbench I have heard they are being used as computer work stations as well. These make great family heirlooms and can give you years of hobbying pleasure.

1230 x 770 x 1200mm high extended
1230mm x 400mm x 1200 high retracted
61 kgs

Comes safely flat packed with comprehensive assemble instructions. Minimal tools required. We can assemble for you at a minimal cost.

Compact workbench showing the workbench unit folded down.

Lots of storage in this compact unit.

2 vices, dog holes and dogs for trapping goods on the bench.

Recessed tool well at the back of the solid European Beech work bench top.

An upper open storage space with 2 slide out timber drawers on each side.

A timber storage platform for books, tins, boxes, trophies or whatever you want to put safely.

A nice piece of furniture made for the garage or workshop.


Timber Workbenches for everyone. Have a browse at the different Timber Work Benches we carry for the garage and the factory.

All finely finished in solid European Beech Timber.

Smooth to touch but rugged under work loads.

Made to last a lifetime and pass down to your children.

Give us a call to find out just how affordable these timber work benches are.

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