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Garage Makeover 1

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This garage makeover showing another 3 car garage that had absolutely nothing going for it at all.

These proud home owners from Raby Bay were at odds with what to do.

Coming from a much bigger property and soon realising that they were coming up short of storage in their new home. Faced with either selling off or getting outside storage for all their prized belongings.

They decided to call us first.

After a couple of visits to our showroom and the passing of a few designs. Together we came up with what we believe to be a top liveable storage solution for their home.

She wanted an area to do her painting and be able to put it all away out of sight, easel included. So we built her an enclosure and fitted in a sink.

For him; a place to store his boat rods and fishing gear. So we built him an enclosure also.

For the house we built a fully functional work bench and cabinet area to give them a bench to work at and more cupboard space to store excess valuables.

For the cars we laid a new Fastfloor that makes keeping it look like new a breeze and finished it all off with our warm white Tidywall panels.

This gives them complete flexibility in this new extension of their home.

A place for the cars and their life too.
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