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Garage Makeover 1

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This is underneath an old queenslander style home. Open below with a real bad concrete slab. truly an area that would send shivers to any tidy conscience person.  That was before.

We basically came in with the army to whip it into shape. With lots of concrete repair so we could put the Fastfloor down.

Timber walls framed all around so we could wrap all the walls with Tidywall and set a wall with windows.

Lots of painting to tie it all together. The end result - fantastic, another 60 sqm of liveable space for their home.  The teenage son was the first one in, setting up his home gym and who knows, he could be living down there now days.  Maybe that's a good thing.

Tidywall and Fastfloor can turn a damp dreary area into home sweet home in under a week.

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