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Garage Makeover 1

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Another case of down sizing and some of the hurdles you may have to jump.

In a four bedroom house with 2 car garage, no room for a shed outside but still owning a lifetime of precious memories and valuables that you don't want to store away from home.

These clients wanted a floor that is easy to clean. They got it. They also wanted plenty of cabinets to store their belongings without taking too much space from the garage floor. They got this also.

Go Loft ceiling cabinets to store their big and bulky items with out taking too much space from the garage floor.  They got this also.

Shallower cabinets below for easy access to those items you need at hand, still leaving plenty of depth in the garage for cars.

Oh yeah did we mention a man sized work bench area that can store tools and projects and still accommodate a favourite vice. 

He got it.

She wanted it to be a low maintenance area and did not want to feel the need to clean their garage all the time.  She got that.

Tidywall panels just wipe clean, along with the floor. Flat doors do not collect dust and everything is just a wipe down.  Was it mission accomplished.  Yes it was.  Only possible through a proper design from us and good communication from our clients.  We work with you all the way.

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