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Garage Makeover 1

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This is one of our Landlord's houses.

After a couple of weeks hanging around our showroom helping us set up he was converted.

He didn't really care what we did in his garage he just wanted it done.

Epoxy flake flooring, well placed cabinets, Tidywall panels and accessories.

He loved it, he has sold this house since but swears it was the garage makeover that got him his price and the quickness of sale.

Since then he has helped one of his grandchildren line their walls with our Tidy wall and only called last week saying he wants us back out at his new place to do it again.

This happens all the time. a well designed garage adds value to your home ever time, not including the wow factor.

We work hard to secure customers like Darrell and the rest.

Give us a call and we will prove it to you.

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