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Garage Makeover 1

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Yes this is an average sized 2 car garage packed full of goodies and still housing two cars at night.

The owners had so much storage from the custom cabinets and built in "L" shaped enclosure that we didn't see them for a whole year until they finally came into our showroom to spend some of their accessory voucher.

We actually had a bit of a hard time convincing them that we could get all this into their garage and still park the cars.  They did finally come around in the end and are completely satisfied with the end result.

White, bright and built to be a mean lean storage machine.

Room for the fridge out of harms way. 

 A four meter work bench top gives a place for all the kids to sit at.

A couple of bikes up, up and out of the way and a big enclosure for all the other big stuff.

Pretty tidy area now days

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