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Garage Makeover 1

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Every Garage is different and unique to each clients needs.  Usually storing the two cars is highest priority if not for you then for resale value.

Second highest priority, must be able to store your past, present and future.

Third highest priority, must feel light and airy and not closed in.

Fourth highest priority, must be easy to clean with minimal fuss.

Fifth highest priority, must be kid and rough treatment proof with long product warranties to back it up.

Sixth highest priority, must be installed with minimal discomfort to your daily living.

Seventh highest priority, must be finished in an agreed upon time frame that is realistic to both parties.

Eight highest priority, job site must be left clean and in a orderly fashion.

Ninth highest priority, installers must be dressed in uniform, polite and helpful in all matters concerning a garage makeover.

Tenth highest priority, must show value for money and give our neighbours a lasting feeling of garage envy.

I am sure we can find a few more but its a good start.  We believe we fulfill all these areas and more and we have client testimonies to vouch for it.

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