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Garage Makeover 1

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This Garage Makeover really does take the cake.

It is virtually a 3 car garage that had no appeal or function to it what so ever.

The owners of this Hunters Hill garage wanted to transform it into not only a place to park the cars but make an area for their house that can accommodate all the visiting grand children that popped around every weekend.

So the brief was ~ a new floor that is easy to clean and can take abuse from skates, skateboards and general kids ruckus. Durable storage panels so they can hang all their sporting, games and activity gear, that is low maintenance and rough house proof.

A laundry area with plenty of cupboard space to hide the unsightly items and lots of bench top area for all their laundry needs.

Not only did they get all they wanted, we gave them a lot more.
This complete makeover was high value compared to dollars spent.

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