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Garage Makeover 1

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Our personal mission when we set out to design a garage makeover is space.

Space to store as much as possible but still leaving plenty of empty space to make it feel like it is still the biggest room in the house.

We also set out to make it stylish and very low maintenance because who wants to constantly clean one of the biggest rooms in the house.

There is a lot going on in this garage for serious storage and cleanability.  It is also good looking and not over the top with storage props.

1200mm deep wrap around cabinets assure these home owners of plenty of out of site storage. 

Tidywall panels everywhere to give them full wall protection from dings and dirty finger prints and offering them a life time of hanging storage capacity.

A tidy little workbench area with tons of storage for "need it now" gear, will keep the boys happy.

Our Fast floor looking great after a quick mop and mum not really caring if the kids make this their new favourite room.

Room for the cars, room for the kids, room for the future.  That's a garage makeover.

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