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Garage Makeover 1

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These clients wanted to keep it all.  They liked it firstly then bought it.

Now they want to keep it.  Fair enough!

We wanted to help them and we did.

A big two car garage with high ceilings.  Plenty of obstructions on the walls to make it difficult but in the end everything they wanted.  Cabinets, tidywall, flooring, ceiling hoisters, accessories galore, workbench and a firewood trolley to top it all off.

This garage is now a nice place to be and the home owner didn't mind sharing one of his special cocktails with us when it was completed.

What was once a cold dirty area of the house has been transformed into one of the most functional areas of the home.  It can now accommodate all the life that this household throws at it and more.

We are all pleased with the final outcome and are positive you will be too.

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