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We make our big box garage enclosures look as if it has been there all the time, everything flows around it with useable storage space on the outside and valuable storage space on the inside.

This garage enclosure showing what its all about.  Organisable space on the outside and a place for the big stuff on the inside.

Our garage enclosures are designed to house the unsightly and hard to store items, lawn mowers, wheel barrows, Christmas gear, car seats, eski’s, BBQs you name it and if you don't want to see it, put it in one of our enclosures.

Most our clients cant imagine having one of these big box enclosures designed into their garage, but we do it all the time and there is always plenty of room for the cars when we are done.This L shaped enclosure works great on the inside and works great on the outside for stashing a fridge and ending a cabinet run.All this space is useable, but this looks so good like it is who wants to hang anything.

An open door shot of one of our enclosures,

showing garage grids

installed for hanging those

rake's and shovels and other unsightly items out of view.

This client had enough room in their 3 car garage to have His and Hers enclosures installed.

His is packed full of his favourite hobby -fishing gear

and Hers is packed full of her favourite hobby - arts and crafts.

She didn't want to see all this gear laying around the garage, so we packed it away neatly behind the enclosure doors.

We can design for you a place for everything in your garage.

We design our enclosures to flow in smoothly with everything else you have going on in the garage.

All our enclosures are designed to be unobtrusive but maximize space at the same time.

Who wouldn't want an art studio that looks this good.

Your garage,

more than a place

to park your cars,

but a place to live your life also.

Another garage enclosure surrounded by built-in cabinets, showing the massive

cubic meters of

organised storage accomplished by a good design.

Some people don't want

anything visible hanging off their walls in the garage,

so they put them behind cabinet doors or tuck it away in our enclosures,

but they still cover

their walls in Tidywall because

it looks so good and is maintenance free for a lifetime.

Give us a call or stop into one of our showrooms to see how an enclosure may fit into your lifestyle.

Floor to ceiling storage that looks like it has been there forever.

We give you more than just a garage.

Cabinets versus enclosure.It can not be compared.

Cabinets are great for organising and hiding smaller boxes and items, whereas enclosures are great for the bigger items like lawnmowers, Christmas trees, and other nuisance items that always seem to be in the way.

Besides the deep shelving that go into all our enclosures,

we always make room for our garage grid system to give you more than ample area to attach hooks, hangers, baskets and shelves to help you securely organise all those sharp garden tools, and stinky oils and petrol's.

Another shot showing our garage grids and grid shelving system looking very neat and tidy.

The owner loved this

new big box and wide deep storage cabinets,

and it wasn't long

before he was  emptying out the wardrobes in his house.

We can build any size or shape enclosure that you want.

This home owner went for the big boy 1.5 meters x 3.00 meters in his 3 car garage.

He still had room for both cars and a pool table for when the mates came over when the wife didn't want them in the house.

Go ahead spill a beer it all just mops up.

Another shot of deep shelves and garage grids in action. 

Helping to store everything this couple had in their life with plenty of room for more.

Some people just don't like to see this stuff laying around the garage. 

I guess we cant blame them.

This is the real thing.

it actually looks better in person than in this photograph.

Here is a shot of an enclosure in the making.  Solid timber framing to take our Tidywall panels on the outside and our garage grids and fridge shelving on the inside.

We love the enclosures and we think you will too.


GARAGE ENCLOSURES are definitely worth a look.

The photos and descriptions on this page will help you realise the potential these big boxes can offer you in your garage.

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