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5 drawer buddy mobile cabinet,

height 870 mm depth 460,

width 680 mm,

5 drawers In varying heights,

all lockable by one key and comes with castors included for mobility or can be hung of our wall system.

All steel drawer sides and fronts, pull out out effortlessly on top quality ball bearing drawer slides. 

These drawers don't stick and all can be locked up tight with the click of a key.

2 door buddy mobile cabinet,

 height 870 mm, depth 460mm,

width 680 mm,

has two lockable doors,

has one adjustable  shelf and comes with four castors for mobility or can be suspended from the wall.

An inside shot of the buddy tall cabinet, with four adjustable steel shelves, everything powder coated in our special garage series colours.

A nice close up shot of our 5 drawer steel buddy cabinets looking pretty comfy sitting underneath this 2 meter buddy bench.  The drawers are all ball bearing slides and work in and out smooth as silk.  All lockable safe from little fingers.

Upper two door wall cabinet,

 height 680 mm, depth 306 mm,

width 680 mm,

comes with 2 adjustable shelves,

2 lockable doors,

 and is designed to suspend off walls or from our walling system.

This unit comes in a flat pack configuration with easy installation directions, and will take a novice about 35 minutes to assemble, we can assemble for you at a nominal cost.

Our buddy wall cabinet showing two adjustable shelves and a very secure locking system. 

Notice how square all the doors fit inside the frames, these are quality cabinets not the cheaper models people are trying to flog off.

2 door tall mobile,

height is 1560 mm,  

depth is 460 mm, width is 680 mm,

has four adjustable shelves,

with 2 lockable doors,

 comes in a flat pack configuration, with easy installation directions and will take a novice about 45 mm to assemble.

This cabinet can hang off the wall or stay on castors for mobility.  We can assemble these cabinets for you for a nominal cost.

An inside shot of the buddy tall cabinet, with four adjustable steel shelves, everything powder coated in our special garage series colours.

Buddy workbench,

height 930 mm,  depth 680 mm, width 2134 mm.

This is our most popular work bench which has a 32 mm thick plywood top for durability.

We can also lay our vinyl on top of this bench to give this bench top a lifetime of rugged use and abuse.

Comes flat packed and will take your average novice about 35 minutes to assemble.

We can assemble these for you at a nominal cost.

Our buddy cabinets come in four different sizes and configurations, but can be rearranged a thousand different ways.

Here is the Buddy workbench and two 5 drawer cabinets,

all sitting nicely out of harms way.

This shot shows a couple of mobile cabinets on castors, and a few other cabinets with out castors suspended off our tidywall.

You can have them with castors for a mobile storage system, or you can take the castors off and hang them off one of our wall systems.

A nice close up shot of just how neat and tidy these Garage buddy cabinets are.

with their steel construction and beautiful powedercoat finish,

assures them a place anywhere in every home.

These buddy cabinets are high quality powder coated steel that look sleek and will last you a lifetime.  Special powder coating colours can be achieved to suit your garage theme.

Fully maneuverable lockable castors for smooth gliding around the garage when you want, and locked tight where ever you want it to stay.

Same photo as gallery 4 at a different angle.  You can really make these units look great when you start mixing them with some of our shelving and accessory options.

This is a great shot showing the versatility of our garage buddy cabinets and workbench.

Another shot with all the cabinets suspended off our tidywall system.

In order to do this you will need to purchase our back brackets that adapt the cabinet to the tidywall.

A down the wall shot of the same cabinet set up as in gallery 6.  These cabinets are only 457mm deep.  Deep enough for most big boxes but thin enough not to burden the work flow of cars, kids and yourself while using the garage as a recreation area.

Nice simple storage solution one tall locker, 2 upper cabinets, a buddy bench and a couple of wire shelves to tie it all in.  The beauty is they can unclip those upper cabinets and totally rearrange this wall.


Our Garage Buddy cabinets are made tough.  All metal construction that has a baked on powder coat finish in our special garage series colours.

GARAGE CABINETS never looked so good.

These Buddies come in flat pack boxes for the handy person to assemble or we can assemble for you at a reasonable cost.

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