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This full wall unit measures out 5 meters wide 2400mm high and was purpose built for this clients busy lifestyle.Heaps of tall cupboard space and extra wide drawers for all his nic-naks, upper cabinets and our tidywall panels behind keep everything at hand.

I don't know about your garage vacuum but all the garages I have been into with the vacuum going is almost unbearable.If its in the budget we like to put the vacuums behind cabinet doors, this makes a great sound barrier so you can actually talk and hear when you are in your garage.And also gives you a great area to store tall items.

Same cabinet system viewed from the outside, seen with our Tidywall storage panels and a beautiful black & white fast floor, welcomes this proud owner home everyday.

A door open shot of our Go-loft deep storage cabinets, sitting above shallower tall storage cupboards. This allows for big box storage up high that doesn't hinder floor space in your garage and still allows you to park your cars.

Same shot as a4, this owner has down sized from a larger property but still wants to keep all his valuable possessions. His brief was ~ “ a place to store all my past, present and future belongings and can you fit a workbench area in there too.”

Another vacuum hidden behind doors.

This really knocks down the noise in the garage when someone is vacuuming in the house.

Tidywall panels behind the fridge ensure a complete look if the owner decides to move.

A nice little workbench area to store all his tools and give him a place for his vice, all whilst enjoying the bright sunny day outside.

These tall storage cabinets are great units for storing anything that you want hidden behind doors.

A complete shot of a lot of cabinets, panels, and a maintenance free garage floor. That still has room for the family car and the family too.

We have been designing and making cabinets for 25 years and there is no job too big, small or complicated that we cant tackle. This is a great space for this client to do her artwork.

Same garage - different angle, showing a big workbench area with lots of cupboards and drawers to organise this large families life.Tidywall panels all around give this garage complete organised versatility.

Same garage - different angle, showing a big workbench area with lots of cupboards and drawers to organise this large families life.Tidywall panels all around give this garage complete organised versatility.

Another shot of the

workbench area surrounded by our Tidywall panels, this is a total maintenance free area.

Grime and smudges just wipe off with a moist rag to look brand new again.

Not only have we been building cabinets for the past 25 years we have been designing them too.

Our philosophy is,

it all starts with a good design.

This laundry room is no exception.

A place for everything and everything in its place and it looks great too,

like every garage should.

Its the biggest room in your house.

Another shot of this clients 3 car garage with one area devoted to laundry and sporting goods.This really frees up a lot of space in their home for other things.

A good shot of our deep boy ceiling cabinets and a tidy little workbench and storage area tucked away in the corner, giving plenty of room for the cars.

As you can see by this open door shot there is plenty of room here for all those nic naks and valuable items stored close at hand, while the big stuff hangs off the ceiling out of site and out of mind.

These are 1200mm deep cabinets and can store a lot of gear. They look good, function well, and don't cost the earth for what you get.

Another shot of our Go-Loft deep boy cabinets, storing some seriously big boxes. We can make these cabinets to any depth, height and width you may require for any application you may have.

White cabinetry looks great, if designed properly.

These white cabinets mixed with our light taupe tidywall panels make a bold but elegant statement.

Tall deep upper cabinets above and workbench area below, with plenty of drawer space for all those projects you want at hand.

This is a great bench top shot.

We can manufacture you continuous bench tops up to 12 meters long without a seam to be seen.

Ask us how.

Just a quick picture to show you that not everything has to go in cabinets if you've got the room.

Check out our enclosures pages to see how these big boxes can neatly tuck away all your biggest and ugliest possessions.

So you’ve got high ceilings, well we can reach them.

This client wanted as much cabinet and workbench space as possible in his garage and still fit the two cars in.

So we gave him 3.5 meter high cabinets and a 4.5 meter seamless workbench area.

An open shot of the 3.5 high cabinets, storing everything from in the garage and around the house.

There is paint tins on the floor, but the upper cabinets are all empty, it wont be long before the wife gets irritated.

These type of workbench units are great because it has an area to sit in a chair at.

These type of cabinets work great as the cars pass them by and there is no obstruction to opening doors.

Being only 400mm deep makes sure they don't protrude out into the garage floor space.

They are off the ground so you can just hose the garage out with out damaging the cabinets.

A close up shot of this 2.5 meter wide unit.

All of our custom cabinets are designed to suit each individual clients unique needs.

All our designs are carefully thought out to maximize space, function well, and look great.

This garage looks so good, with our silver shadow cabinets, polar white Tidywall panels and our charcoal grey Fastfloor garage flooring, you just don't want to put anything in it.

These clients ended up with so much storage from their custom cabinets and garage enclosure that they didn't come by and see us for accessories to hang off their panels for a whole year.

This work bench with upper cabinet system and Tidywall panels in between, is one of our most popular design configurations.

Plenty of drawer space, plenty of cupboard space, a long seam less hard wearing bench top for you and the kids to pound away on, makes this unit number 1.

A shot of our 3 meter wide deep boy cupboards and a stack of our high boy storage cupboards.

To see more of these deep ceiling storage units go to our Go loft page in either our ceilings or cabinets menu sections.

This guy wanted it all,

for himself and his family

and he got it all.

Large areas of workbench,

tall storage cupboards and a great area to work, hobby and play

for the whole family.

There is more here than

meets the eye,

~ we had garage doors,

wall columns and

traffic flow problems to work around and this is what we came up with; highly functional, extremely durable,

long lasting and great looking to boot.

Give us a call to find out what we can do in your problem areas.

Everybody wants a fridge in the garage,

and why not!

When we are done with your garage it will be one of the best

places in the house

to hang out with your friends and family.

Another fridge with some well placed cabinetry to accommodate it.

These black and white cabinets look great surrounded by our light taupe Tidywall panels.

This unit is purpose designed around this clients lifestyle.

A seven meter wall packed with cabinets and a little workbench for hobbying.

Leaving a space between the ceiling and the top of the cabinets works as a wide deep shelf and is a great area for storing those longer items like surfboards, kayaks, umbrellas and any other hard to store gear you may have.

We can transform any space in your garage into use able space. We design into every detail These is no way this cabinet door would open with the garage door runner in the way.

Why not make it a shelf. Storage is storage. There is never enough.

We love a clean workshop at our factory and we treat your garage in the same way through out the whole installation, tidy at all times.

All our installers are true craftsman who take great pride in their work so you can be assured that all doors and drawers line up properly and work effortlessly.

Drawers are a great item in any garage, they become your servants and display everything they have got in them without you bending over.

Close up shot showing blum hinges, our stainless steel handle line

and an immaculately clean white interior ready to be filled.

7 meters of custom built cabinetry. We used our popular silver shadow doors for this proud home owner. This silver shadow is very popular because its metal like grain reflects light off it to make it look lighter and not as bulky. Front legs support heavy loads. Very neat and tidy.

We can design deep cabinetry just about anywhere in your garage. Just takes all our years of experience and some thought to get it going.

Need some storage space. How is this 7 meter wide x 200mm high x 600 deep unit look to you.

Shelves galore all with adjustability and 5 point shelf peg placement to stop them from sagging under heavy weight loads.

4 drawers to help organise the fiddley bits and a couple of long hang area for all the tall stuff. Lots of continuous shelf platform on top of the cabinets for all the surfboards, kayaks, canoes, big eskies, flagpoles, umbrellas and what ever else that will not fit into a one meter wide cabinet.

Give us your needs and ideas and we will give you a tailored storage solution that is everything you need and more.

We have a great range of cabinet colours to suit any application you may have.

We like to keep all our cabinets off the floor to deter bugs nesting and give you easy access for hosing or sweeping out your garage.

Sometimes a picture doesn't do it justice.

But this car enthusiast loved his new stainless steel and automotive painted cupboards.

So far he holds the record for the longest seamless tops we have built, this one 7 meters long

plus the rest.

This old Shelby doesn't mind pulling up to these plush stainless steel doors at all and either would you if they were in your garage.

When you have us custom make your cabinets you can have them any way you want within your budget.

If you don't know what you want just ask us and we will help you get there.

Another awkward position maximizing storage with plenty of rooms for the cars to nose in.

Our work bench tops are the most rugged in the world.

We use 2mm vinyl laid over plywood, that can guarantee you a top that can handle any abuse you may throw at it and still look good at the end of the day.

These cabinets still look good even though everything around it doesn't.

All our drawers have solid steel sides for a life time of use and they slide in and out effortlessly every time.

We can give you generous

bench top overhangs so you can attach your favourite vice.

Tops available in a range of colours.

We can custom make your cabinets to spec and send them any where you want in Australia in a flat pack or fully assembled form.

Just send us your plan or dimensions for the area you would like to have cabinets and a bit of a brief and we will send you a design with the cabinets to follow.

A small snap shot that shows a lot, all the fittings we use are the highest quality European Hardware.

The board is of the highest quality -thermo fused melamine which is easy to clean and looks good for a lifetime.

All our shelves are adjustable and have 5 connection points to help stop sagging.

These are tall cabinets.

This is a great looking wall that any home owner or prospective home buyer would love to have in their garage.

Cabinets and panels work great together.

This is a tall cabinet hanging off a wall looking good and doing wonders for these home owners.

Another cabinet enclosure scenario, nice and tidy dong what it is supposed to do.

Store gear and look good.

Why is this guy happy?

A) because he likes his job

B) because he does good work

C) he's a camera ham

answer ... all of the above.all of our installers are happy, neatly dressed, considerate, and have full knowledge to answer any questions you may have.

A close up shot of our Go-loft cabinets and tall boy cabinets working together to give you maximum storage with maximum space left over for vehicle's.

Front shot of the same unit, you wouldn't mind driving home to this every night would you?

Taking nothing away from your partner of course.

This cabinet design works great along the side walls of your garage leaving head room and an area for thinner storage products below the upper cabinets.

There are some thing's you don't mind looking at and actually still look good so hang them off the walls, but for the other stuff hide it behind cabinet doors.


Please scroll over the silver buttons to view, read about and enjoy some custom cabinets we have provided our clients with in the past.

GARAGE CABINETS need to be built tough but also look good at the same time. A good design is paramount when you start considering cars, kids and future storage needs.

We have years of experience in the above.

Give us a call we can help.

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