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These Go Lofts can be any size you want them to be.

They can go the whole length of your ceiling, wrap around corners and go above your garage doors.

We treat the finish of these large ceiling boxes with the exact same amount of detail as we do with our wall cabinetry.

When you are thinking out of sight out of mind, you should be thinking Go loft ceiling cabinets.

This type of configuration allows you to park the vehicles close up to the walls.

If you have the space on your garage side walls, then big storage units like these come in real handy.

This gives you plenty of storage space without taking away from the depth of your garage.

This client used our Go Loft ceiling cabinets throughout her whole garage.

Leaving her garage floor completely open.

This is one of our room displays in our showroom.

Showing you some big deep Go Lofts suspended from the ceiling.

These lofts wrap right around the ceiling and have a nice workbench area below on the far wall.

Putting the finishing touches on this four meter run of Go-Lofts.

Plenty of room underneath to do whatever you want with.

Another garage another solution.

All the big stuff up high and all the smaller stuff down low.

Its that simple.

This client wanted us to assure him that he would have enough storage to get everything off the floor in his garage.

Not only did he clear the garage floor he also cleared a couple of wardrobes and still has space for the future.

My guys say they never slack off on the job but a picture never lies - Rudy weighs about 100kgs and that was before he had his lunch up there.

Go loft cabinets 1200mm deep wrapping around 3 walls.

The ultimate storage system that retains all your floor and wall space.

This client loves it. 

A workbench to hobby, with drawers and storage cabinets surrounding him and all his prized possessions up above him.

Open door shot of these massive 1200mm deep Lofts. The cabinets on the back wall are also 1200mm deep and have an open width of over 2 meters in each cabinet.

Go lofts against a back wall.

Store all your boxes up high.

Store your smaller more frequently used items below in shallower cabinets that don't hinder too much of your garage floor.  Leaving room for your cars.

Go Lofts can really maximise the storage capabilities in your garage.

Our work is high quality,

built to last,

reasonably priced

and we pay attention to all the details.


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Our ceiling cabinet designs are only limited by ones imagination.

That's why we are here to help you imagine the possibilities and then bring them to life.

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